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Literature Review On Cloud Computing Security

The outcomes of this SLR reported seven major security threats to cloud computing services. The results showed that data tampering and leakage were among the highly discussed topics in the chosen literature. Other identified security risks were associated with the data intrusion and data storage in the cloud computing environment.

  • • Security Security is the most crucial factor in public cloud environments, and trust is concerned with the providing assurance and confidence that people, data objects, information will perform...

  • Introduction Cloud computing, as defined by NIST, is a model for enabling always-on, convenient, on demand networks access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g. storage, applications, services etc.) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal ,management effort or service provider interaction [12].

  • rapidly increased, Cloud Computing security is still con-sidered the major issue in the Cloud Computing environ-ment. Yet guaranteeing the secure of corporate data in the cloud if difficult ,is not impossible. In this work, I have reviewed 10 lectures that research about security in cloud computing and I have summarized them in my lecture.

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